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 Aug.18,2020 completed air horn supplying to the vessel “ MV PEDHOULAS CHERRY” in Singapore. [2020-08-28]
 Aug.18,2020 completed Panama Canal Pilot ladder supplying to the vessel “ MV XENIA” at Cosco Shipyar... [2020-08-28]
 Jun. 30,2020 completed arm with blade supplying to the vessel “MV PARASKEVI” in Shanghai, China. [2020-08-28]
 Jun.24, 2020 completed inner strainer of heat exchange supplying to the vessel “ MARINA” in Shanghai... [2020-08-28]
 Jun.4,2020 completed acoustic beacon , heat detector and lithium battery supplying to the vessel “ D... [2020-06-23]
 Jun.2,2020 completed limit switch supplying to the vessel “ PEDHOULAS MERCHANT” in Shanghai. [2020-06-23]
 May 15,2020 completed VDR repair to the vessel “ DD VICTORY” at Jingtang port, China. [2020-06-23]
 May 12,2020 completed liferaft supplying to the vessel “ OCEAN PRINCESS” at Shanhaiguan shipyard, Ch... [2020-06-23]
 May 2,2020 complete annual radio survey and VDR APT to the vessel “SWEET VENUS” at Hong Kong port. [2020-06-23]
 Apr.28,2020 completed underwater inspection and hull cleaning to the vessel “BABUZA WISDOM” at Caofe... [2020-06-23]
 Apr. 9,2020 completed supply of magnetron of X-BAND radar to the vessel “ATHINOULA” at Zhanjiang por... [2020-04-13]
 Apr.3,2020 completed FFA, LSA, liferaft annual inspection and radio survey to the vessel “BBG ENDEAV... [2020-04-13]
 Mar. 20,2020 completed supply of Thermocouple of Incinerator to the vessl “PEDHOULAS CHERRY” in Shan... [2020-04-13]
 Mar. 11,2020 completed FFA annual inspection to the vessel “ OCEAN ROAD” at Shanhaiguan shipyard. [2020-04-13]
 Jan.21,2020 completed supplying of diesel engine spare parts for lifeboat to the vessel “ELENI” in P... [2020-01-21]
 Dec.26,2019 completed aux. engine repair to the vessel “DONGKAIYOU6” at Qinhuangdao port, China. [2020-01-21]
 Dec.20,2019 completed supplying of double oiler unit to the vessel “ MARINA” in Shanghai ,China. [2020-01-21]
 Dec.11,2019 completed supplying of vanes for acc. ladder to the vessel “MARINA” at Cosco shipyard , ... [2020-01-21]
 Dec.3,2019 completed underwater hull cleaning, renewal of acc.ladder posts to the vessel “HUIHAI 18”... [2019-12-06]
 Nov.25,2019 completed fabrication, welding and painting of load line marks to the vessel “HONEY BADG... [2019-12-06]
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