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Hisail Marine has set up good relationships with all main dockyards in China, we can promptly arrange the ship's dry dock repairing, Voyage repairing , Annual repairing for the ship with the most favorable price. 

     ¡¤ All the hydraulic system and equipment on board repairing, the hydraulic system for hatch cover, mooring winch, anchor winch, cargo gear repairing and services. 

     ¡¤ Auto. System for engine on board repairing. Main engine, Aux. diesel engine and generator, boiler, and pump etc. services and repairing. 

     ¡¤ Underwater services for all kind of underwater inspection, cleaning and NDT and repairing etc. 

     ¡¤ Ship¡¯s hull and structure repairing. 

     ¡¤ Navigation and radio equipment on the bridge repairing, inspection and services. 

     ¡¤ Ship electronic system, Pneumatic system, hydraulic pressure system repairing. 

     ¡¤ fresh water analysis

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